Via delle Mura, 59 - Velletri 

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The company was born from the passion for nature and for the production of handmade products by Salvatore Tarantino. Born and raised in a small town in the Calabrian silane plateau, Camigliatello Silano, Salvatore has been attracted to the charm of the Japanese world since he was a child. From here he cultivated his passion for the art of bonsai throughout his life.

Making bonsai is an art form that directly unites man to nature through the cultivation and processing of a small-large tree; this art form is for those who know how to observe nature and who love being inside it just like Salvatore.

From the search for a cultural identity, from the fusion of the ancient Calabrian and Japanese artisan production methods, and from the great teacher and source of inspiration, the idea of ​​the company and the Tasa style sprout. The union of nature and art shapes a wide range of 100% handmade in Italy style, functional and design products, of the highest quality and totally customizable.